Lophams' Village Hall



MARCH 2020

Due to the current situation affecting everyone, the Hall is obviously closed for all events.  We have had the two garden areas completely dug up and planted with a new evergreen flowering shrub in each bed.  It looks very neat and tidy. We are not sure when the grass will be cut on the playing field.  This was delayed because of the tremendous amount of rain over the winter months and it was impossible to get a mower on the field.  Due to self isolation by the current contractor we hope you will understand that the grass is long for those walking dogs up there.  Please still continue to pick up your dogs poo, just because it is long we must keep the field clean.
We hope to report next time with more positive information.
Please take care and we hope to see you all again before too long.


Another successful year has passed at the village hall and we are looking forward to the new year with plenty of events and work going on.  The lottery still funds repair work to the hall which is ongoing. The hall has been painted back and front now and overhangng tree branches removed. The grass and playing area are regularly cut to keep the venue looking nice. The two small garden areas at the front of the hall are to be redesigned and a cigarette station will be mounted on the outside of the hall for people to deposit their cigarette ends in rather than in the gully.  We hope smokers will use this and make the effort to not drop cigarette ends elsewhere.

The monthly Farmers Markets are still a great success with a great variety of local traders supplying their goods. The kitchen provides toasted buns, and possibly very soon bacon butties.  With fresh coffee and tea on offer the markets are a great place to buy your fresh produce and catch up with friends over a cuppa.

Last years bonfire night was sadly hit by bad weather but still went ahead and was well attended. There was an amazing firework display and for those attending hot food and a bar were provided inside the hall.

The Annual Vintage Rally was also hit by bad weather but still proved a great day for those attending. So much to see and do with vintage cars, tractors, classic cars, arena displays, food and drink stalls, craft stalls and lots more.  We hope for perfect weather this year and look forward to seeing everyone there.  Definitely a 'not to be missed' day!

So along with all the clubs that use the hall, see Regular Events page, and the parties and other private bookings, the Hall is being well used and has a good reputation as a nice hall to hire with modern kitchen and disabled facilities.

We hope everyone will make the most of the hall and enjoy using its facilities. 

December 2018

Good news for the end of 2018 is that the childrens play equipment is now installed and well used by all age groups. Funding was obtained from different sources but the majority was donated by the Village Hall Committee.  We are intending on installing fencing around the play equipment to make it a safe and secure place for children.  This is work in progress but will hopefully be completed in the next month.
The Hall has been well used this year for a variety of different events, but the two main new events using it are for the Lophams Vintage Rally and the local archery group are in attendance most Fridays and Sundays.
The Hall itself is now completely decorated inside and out and the new container is in place.  There is always work needed at the Hall but we will always maintain it to a high standard for regular users and people wishing to hire it for private functions.
Instances of dog fouling have definitely improved at the field but there are one or two people not clearing up after their dogs.  Please be considerate of people young and old using the field, more so now that the play equipment is in place, and keep it a nice place for families to come and enjoy themselves.  There is a dog poo bin provided and we dont need to remind you that it is an offence to foul public spaces!!!

So just to wish everyone a very happy new year from the Village Hall and Playing Field Management Committee and hope you will make use of the facilities we offer which we keep on improving.



July 2018

Latest news is we have received the additional funding required for the installation of the childrens play equipment.  We are now in the process of ordering and arranging installation of this at the playing field.  The equipment will be suitable for children age ranges 0 to 14 years. 

The outside of the hall has been decorated so it is looking fabulous now. A new container with secure locking has been installed so anyone who wants to run events, sporting or otherwise, (we hope you will) can safely store equipment.

We are all looking forward to the first ever Lophams Vintage Rally on Sunday 29th July, so we hope you will come along and have a look, watch the dog show (or take part), enjoy a hog roast, craft stalls and refreshments that will all be available.

For the time being we seem to have beaten the moles but this could be due to the very high temperatures, maybe they have moved on.  We are still having an issue with certain dog walkers not picking up after their dogs.  We dont understand the problem with this as a bin is provided and some people are bagging up and then leaving the bags by the dog bin!!!
Please, please pick up your dog poos.  As we encouraging children to come to the field for fun, activity and socialising we do not want an issue with dog fouling which is an offence and offensive.

So till the next update, enjoy your summer and see you at the next village hall event.




Keeping the residents of North and South Lopham updated with improvements we are continually making to the Village Hall and Playing Field is important to the management committee.

We are pleased to say refurbishment of the kitchen is now complete and it looks fabulous.  For anyone hiring the Hall for a function they now have a sparkling kitchen with tiled walls, new cupboards, oven and hob and all equipment necessary for their requirements.  Decorating of the inside of the hall and also the exterior wall repairs and painting will be undertaken very soon.

Improvements to the Playing Field is proving a battle for us, competing with the moles!  We are trying to make a more useable field for sporting activities etc.  We now have a track cut around the circumference of the field (which will improve over time with more regular mowing) for people to use as a walking or running route.

Our biggest project in hand at the present time is the possibility of installing 4 pieces of outside gym equipment for 14 year olds and upwards.  Some of you will have signed the support letter circulated and will have seen the pictures of the equipment being considered.  We have applied to Norfolk Council for match funding for this project and if we are successful with this we will let you know.  Again it is a start to offering facilities for local residents to come and exercise in a lovely environment.  Hopefully in the future we will be able to add play facilities for younger children.  We are also hoping to put benches around the field in a few locations for people to use.

Lophams Village Games Team - It is confirmed that for five Wednesday evenings in May there will be free rugby sessions for boys and girls up to 18 years of age at the Playing Field.  These will be led by a fully qualified coach from 6.30pm to 8pm.  Spread the word as the more the merrier, we might even find the next Owen Farrell in our midst! Please let Jim know if you are interested in attending on 687330.

So we hope this keeps you informed of matters to date.  If anyone would like to offer their help with odd jobs it would be very welcome.  We need to cut back some hedges and strim some grassed areas where the gang mower cannot reach. Also there is a lot of clearing to do around the container.  So if you have a few spare hours and would like to help us turning the field into a lovely area for people to enjoy then please call Pauline on 01379 688302.





May 2017

£3,500 funding granted for outdoor fitness equipment from Breckland

The installation of new equipment in the Lophams playing field is a step closer after Breckland Council agreed to contribute £3,500 to the project.

The Lophams’ Village Hall and Playing Field Management Committee plans to install outdoor fitness equipment suitable for all residents aged 14 upwards.  This would include an air walker, leg press, rowing machine and cross rider, and all would be long lasting and low maintenance.

With a total project cost of £7,194, the remainder of the funding will come from local fundraising events, the charity’s reserves and their regular monthly Farmers Markets held at the hall.

Mrs Pauline Packer, on behalf of Lophams Village Hall Committee, commented: “There has been overwhelming support for this project from village residents of all ages and their input has guided decisions on what equipment we should buy.  It is not easy for either older or younger residents to travel to or access a gym, so hopefully this equipment will go some way to offering alternative exercise facilities.”

Breckland Council Localities Team Leader, Stefan Clifford, added: “The Committee has worked hard to raise funds, source equipment and get input from residents and this project deserves our support. As the playing fields are located between North and South Lopham, the residents of both parishes will benefit from this initiative. I am sure that the new equipment will be very well used for many years to come.”



Thank you to everyone who supported the Tesco Bags For Help campaign by voting with tokens.  We won and now the Village Hall Committee have £3500 towards providing children's play equipment at the Village Hall. Further grants have been applied for but we need help raising more funds if we want to complete the project by Spring. With grant awards, fund-raising monies raised and help from the Charity reserves we should be able to provide a safe, happy environment for younger children and families at the playing field. 

We are pleased to say the Hall has now been completely redecorated and it looks fabulous.  We hope users of the Hall will help us keep it this way by leaving the Hall clean and tidy when they leave.

The Hall is still being well used by many different groups and don't forget it is always there for you to hire for functions. 

We are still looking for volunteers to help out with odd jobs.  If you could spare an odd hour every now and then it would be a great help. We are especially looking for someone to strim the grass under the adult gym equipment.  It takes about 45 minutes once every couple of weeks.  We want to keep it looking good.  Obviously this wouldn't be needed over the winter months.  If you can help out in any way please call Pauline on 01379 688302.

The bonfire is growing in size in preparation for Bonfire Night with people bringing their garden waste up to the field in exchange for a small donation towards fireworks.  See the poster on the Home page for all details on this event and all other events coming up.

Thank you all for your continued support and see you at the next event.

Lophams' Village Hall & Playing Field Annual Meeting of the Trustees
Chairmans Report May 2017

I am pleased to present this report of the Administrative Trustees for the year ending 28'h February 2017. Sadly, I have to report the death of David Huggins who was a trustee and a helper at various events over many years. Hs presence and ever smiling face is sadly rnissed but I place on record our appreciation of all his efforts over the years. Our condolences are with his widow Cynthia. As is evident from the Accounts presented, the Lophams' Village Hall continues to be in a healthy financial state. I should like to express appreciation of the efforts made by our Treasurer, Tim Colyer, who not only administers the Village Hall lottery but also keeps a careful eye on our finances and helping out at the Farmers' Market organised by Mike Shipperlee with great efficiency. Thank you both. Thanks also to Jennie Vere who continue to be the master mind with bookings. The Trustees continue to work together as a team but we continue to seek additional occasional helpers, who might be able to take on a greater role. This would help us expand the activities of the Village Hall by putting on other events as we are planning for the coming year. It is most pleasing to be able to express my personal thanks and appreciation for the efforts made by all the Trustees and all our other helpers which have added to the efficient operation of the village ha1l. This year has been a very active one, we have fitted out a new kitchen, well worth the money and one to be proud of. We have also had new uniforms for the staff at the Farmers Market which have brightened us all up, and we have secured funding for the proposed fitness equipment for the field. Our thanks go to Pauline for all her efforts to this end. The annual bonfire and firework evening was a great success. Not only did the event enable viilagers to dispose of their garden waste but we were able to stage a very good firework display and bonfire, which was thoroughly enjoyed by many people from in and around the Lophams. The event continues to be a costly event with the risk of a significant loss being made although this has now become an annual event. Finally I would like to thank you all for your attendance this evening and for your continued interest in the running of the village hall.
Malcolm Birchall.
Chairman of the Trustees. 26th May 2Ol7

 Report of the Annual Meeting of Lophams Village Hall Trustees 24th May 2016

 Present:  Mr M.Birchall (Chairman)  Mr M.Shipperlee (Vice Chairman) Mrs E.Jacob (Secretary) Mr T.Colyer (Treasurer), Mr J.Pursehouse.and Mrs P.Packer

Apologies were received from Mrs J.Vere and Mr D.Huggins

There were no members of the public present.

The notice convening the meeting was read.

Minutes:  These were accepted as a true record. There were no matters arising.

The Chairman expressed his sincere thanks to his committee for their efforts during the year and spoke of the work they had undertaken, in particular Mr Colyer for the efforts in running the lottery, now proving such a success. Full copy attached.

Treasurers Report   The Treasurer gave a very detailed account of the financial position which showed the income and expenditure almost identical to the previous year.

The accounts were agreed and the Chairman thanked Tim for his excellent work. 

The Trustees were confirmed as: Malcolm Birchall, Mike Shipperlee, Jim Pursehouse, Jenny Vere, Eileen Jacob, Tim Colyer and Mr David Huggins (South  Lopham P.C.)

 The Chairman thanked everyone for their attendance and the meeting closed at 7.55 pm.


AGM 26th June 2015 was attended by all committee
members; Mr Birchall (Chairman of Trustees), Mr Shipperlee (Vice Chair), Mrs Birchall (Hon Sec), Mr Colyer (Treasurer), Mrs Vere (Bookings), Mr Pursehouse, Mrs Packer, Mr Huggins (SLPC representative), but no members of the public. 
After the usual opening formalities the Chairman's report concentrated on thanking all of the committee members for their continued hard work in keeping the hall alive.  He observed that keeping the building in good repair is an unending task and that a consistent inflow of funds is needed to do it. He noted that although there seems to be little interest in how the hall is financed and run, if it were to cease to function the loss to the community would soon be felt.
The audited accounts for 2014/15 were presented by the Treasurer.  The main cause for concern was that income from hiring out the hall had fallen considerably which overshadowed the good news that the fireworks event recorded a small profit for the first time in some years. 
The Farmers' Market continues to provide a steady income although more customers are always needed to keep the stallholders interested in coming. 
The Maasai Warriors visit had been a financial success as well as an enjoyable event.
The VH Lottery at last became fully subscribed and continues to top up the Village Hall Development Fund.
Major items of expenditure on the building fabric were the relocation of the toilet facilities for the less able and essential testing and upgrades to the electrical systems which together amounted to over £7,500. New blackout blinds for the main hall accounted for a further £1,000. The electricity supply and premises insurance contracts were renegotiated to try to keep those costs down as far as possible.

Overall, the financial position of the hall reamins stable.

When questioned about the drop in hirings revenue, Mrs Vere explained that two regular hirers had stopped coming and that there had been fewer parties which together largely explained it.  The decision about whether or not to increase hiring charges, which last rose in 2011, was deferred until the July management meeting when information about other local hire rates should be available for comparison purposes.

Conditions were just about perfect for the Lophams’ Bonfire and Firework Event on 1st November.  A great crowd gathered to enjoy the hot food and drinks in front of the bonfire, before one of the best firework displays ever.  Many thanks go to those who brought such good burnables for the fire and to Jim Harris and his team for building it - when the fire finally burned out, it left just an ashy patch. 

A big vote of thanks goes to everyone who helped in any way, whether out on the field, in the hall, or with the clearing up afterwards.

The Osiligi Maasai Warriors event on 11th October 2014
was a sell out.  The performers held the audience, especially the youngsters, transfixed by their display of songs and dances.  When it came to the jumping competition the Lophams' representatives performed very well but couldn't quite match the height and style of the warriors.  Everyone enjoyed this glimpse of another culture in the knowledge that, over the years, the money earned has been used to dramatically improve the lives of the people back home.

The building work to improve the facilities for the less able has been completed.  The new blinds have been fitted and the recessed down-lighters in the main hall have been replaced with low energy LED units. Thanks to Paul Sturman, Village Green Blinds and Joe Bernard for their efforts.

Hopefully, building work to improve the facilities for the less able will commence in August plus some maintenance work on the electrics and some new blinds.





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